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The skin condition called acne is a widely known skin problem that surfaces when hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. The visible results are the infamous whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on the skin. It is most common among teenagers and their young, teenage skin, where we typically call them youth pimples. Yet, acne is a skin condition that affects people of all ages. Often, it is joined by skin rash, pus, and redness, and unfortunately, its healing process usually leaves traces in the shape of scars. 


Fortunately, many types of acne treatment are widely available nowadays, and skincare products to support acne-prone skin and skin with impurities are plenty. Regardless of choosing a holistic or medical approach to treat acne, a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare are just as valuable in combatting this skin condition. We are happy to advise you in your quest to find skincare products suitable for acne-prone skin.




Prickly pear seed oil contains one of the highest concentrations of linoleic acid (65-70%), which is an ingredient highly recommended for acne-prone skin and other impurities. It helps to soothe the skin and research [2] has shown that acne sufferers that have a lower concentration of linoleic acid on their skin’s surface, could be contributing to their clogged pores. 

Prickly pear seed oil is also a fantastic moisturizer that softens the skin and is suitable for dry skin, mature skin, and oily skin, as it easily sinks into the skin. The facial oil doesn’t leave skin feeling or looking greasy. The omega-6 present in prickly pear seed oil can also contribute to the skin’s repair and recovery, and thus help make scars less visible [3].  

Please read our blog about using oils for the care of all skin types. In the article, we look into the use of oils for oily and also acne-prone skin.

This serum contains linoleic acid, which helps to soothes acne-prone skin. The gorgeous blend of plant oils moisturizes the skin, while the vitamins and antioxidants protect against premature skin ageing. 

This serum is suitable for all skin types, but if you have oily skin with impurities or acne, we emphasize using La Prickly Pear Seed Oil, as this face oil is absorbed faster by the skin than Le Youth Sérum. Many of our customers with acne-prone skin mention to like La Prickly Pear Seed Oil better for this reason, but both can be very beneficial for the care of acne-prone skin.


Do you have any questions about this or another skincare related topic? We are happy to help you with any uncertainties you may have. Shoot us a message at, and we will answer your inquiry within 48 hours.

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