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My natural and vegan nighttime skincare routine

One of my most favorite moments of the day, is that caring time at the end of the day: my nighttime skincare routine. During this time, I’m not only looking after my skin, I also take care of and listen to my body. It is part of my everyday nighttime ritual to let go of the day, unwind, and relax my skin, body, soul, and mind before going to bed. It’s the best setup for a calm reset and the most effective recipe to properly recharge during the night and feel my best the following day. I only use vegan and natural products. The holistic approach that this ritual has makes me really happy, and I’m excited to share it with you in this blog.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | Comme Ça Skincare

Nothing beats the feeling of taking off makeup Similar to taking off your bra after a long day; the feeling of removing makeup or SPF. It is such a relief to have a cleansed face at the end of a busy day. The cleaning is also the first step of my skincare and nighttime routine. To cleanse my face, I use La Crème Cleanser: it is a very gentle and effective multi-purpose cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and oil without any effort. It also gently exfoliates the skin thanks to the enzymes from papaya and pineapple. They help to remove dead skin cells and make the skin brighter and feel softer. I don’t use any other products to cleanse my face. With this natural and vegan cleanser there is no need to double cleanse. It removes everything in one go. It is also a super hydrating formula, so after cleansing my skin feels deeply hydrated, plumped, and vividly alive.

Facial reflexology When my face is cleansed and when I have the time, I do some facial reflexology. I use a reflexology tool which is made from stainless steel to apply pressure to specific areas and points on the face. These pressure points are connected to the rest of the body. By putting pressure on these points, you can promote healing and bring balance: see it as acupuncture via the facial skin. I discovered this amazing technique by Danna Omari from Noy skincare. You can find many video’s where she shows and explains which areas and specific points to focus on.

If you are into holistic health and skincare, I strongly recommend following her Instagram account. She creates wonderful and insightful videos in which she explains how and when you can apply facial reflexology and other techniques to improve health and skin.

Depending on how I feel or what I sense that my body needs, I will apply some facial reflexology on the required areas. I find it deeply relaxing and it is a precious way to connect with and listen to your body.

Massaging and facial yoga exercises Now we arrived at my very favorite part of the nighttime skincare routine; massaging and face yoga. The reason why I massage my face and do facial yoga exercises is because it stimulates blood circulation and promotes elasticity. My skin feels and looks so much better when I’m consistent at doing it regularly.

To massage my face, I like to use a mix between Le Youth Sérum and La Prickly Pear Seed Oil, they are both vegan and natural. Both are oil-based and are perfect to massage the face with. The incredible scent of pure vanilla from Le Youth Sérum makes me feel completely relaxed. I have a couple of massage techniques that I always perform and I will add more depending on what my face needs that day. This also counts for yoga exercises. It will take me 5to 10 minutes to complete the face massage and do the exercises.

Soft hands I’m obsessed with the hand cream of Witch by Nature. I use it every night before going to bed. It makes my hands super soft, and the smell is amazing. I also have a travel size in my bag so I can use it wherever I go.

Finishing touch: the lips I can’t live without my lip balm. This goes literally e-ve-ry-where with me. I formulated this lip balm to be an overnight lip mask. Therefore, it needed to be extra moisturizing to get the lips to be strongly hydrated the next morning. The formula turned out that good, that I decided to use the formula for a regular lip balm instead. It is the best natural and vegan lip balm that I ever used. It has a special ingredient in it that acts like lanolin. Lanolin is derived from sheep and is an incredible moisturizer for the lips. There is almost nothing like it. Still, I was set to get the same characteristics, but since it is not vegan, I had to look for a substitute. And I found it. This ingredient really seals the lips and leaves it feeling incredibly soft. I will tell you more on this incredible ingredient when we launch the lip balm. I’ve also added hyaluronic acid to hydrate the lips and to make them look plumper and to help improve the appearance of fine lines. This product has not yet launched, but I hope we can share it with you before winter will come and try to dry out your lips!

And that is all! Altogether, my whole nighttime skincare routine takes me about 10-15 minutes. It may seem like a lot to some, but when you get used to it, it goes naturally. Moreover, when you don’t see it as a ‘must-do’ but as a treat to yourself - with visible skin improvements as a reward! - it will hopefully transform into one of your highlights of the day too. For the once interested, I've also made a video where I show you my nighttime skincare routine.

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