Why I started a natural skincare company

Updated: Jan 3

Ever since I was little, I dreamt of having my own company. I wanted to run my own business without having to answer to a boss and chasing my own dreams, instead of someone else's. It took me many years, multiple unexecuted business plans, and lots of different studies to finally realize that I wanted to create and sell skincare products. I never thought that I would start a skincare brand or create such a passion for skincare and formulating as I have right now.

The idea to start my own skincare brand came after I had struggled with my skin for many years. When I was a child, I suffered from severe eczema all over my body, and in my twenties I had acne. This luckily all went away over time, but instead I was left with dehydrated and sensitive skin. Most of the skincare products I used or tried, gave me allergic reactions, or it just didn’t hydrate my skin enough so I ended up with dehydrated and irritated skin. After many visits to the doctor and dermatologist, my skin wasn’t getting any better, and I was left clueless on which products I could use in order to improve the condition of my skin.

I decided to take it to another route. I was already working on a healthier lifestyle by paying more attention to what I was eating and doing yoga every day. As I started to take better care of myself, and got more aware of what I was putting into my body, I became curious about what I was actually putting on my skin. I never looked at the ingredient list of my skincare products before, and had no idea what kind of ingredients went into a skincare product. I started to explore, and rapidly came to the conclusion that all of the skincare products that I was using, where packed with synthetic ingredients. I don’t think that all synthetic ingredients are bad, but I knew that all the products that I was using, were filled with them. That is why and when I decided to try skincare products with only natural ingredients, just to see if my skin would react differently.

I bought and tried several natural skincare products, but most of the products had a distinctive herbal smell that I really disliked, so I quickly discontinued using them. I then decided to see if I could try to make my own skincare products with only natural ingredients. I started with some simple DIY recipes that I had found online, such as whipped body butters, and hair and face masks. I really enjoyed making and testing them, and was eager to learn more. As I learned more, my recipes became more complicated and I eventually learned how to create real formulas instead of recipes.

It was not until I made my first cream moisturizer that I realized that I had created something that I was so impressed by, that I thought it was something that I could sell. My overall skin condition had improved so much since I used it; I hadn’t had any dry patches nor irritations, and my skin was finally hydrated and radiant. I was getting so many compliments about my skin and people were asking what products I was using. I was so proud that I could tell them that I was using products that I had created myself. I knew I had to learn much more before I could actually make and sell skincare products, but I was super motivated to do everything in order to get to that point. That was the beginning of a two-year process in which I submerged into studying, creating, testing, and improving. I got my degree in Natural Skincare Formulation, and two years later Comme Ça Skincare was born.

Comme Ça has a clear mission; to create natural skincare products that are highly-effective, smell good, and protect the skin from premature aging. The first three products of Comme Ça are products that I use every single day, and I can’t express how much I love them. My skin has improved so much since I added these to my skincare regime, and they changed my boring skincare routine into a daily, indulging and pampering ritual that I look forward to each morning and evening. Can’t wait for you to try them and I hope you will love them as much as I do.